The Friends of Margate Museum is proud to present an exhibition documenting the Whitsun weekend riots in 1964. Through sound and image the exhibition explores memory and the media, focussing on Margate’s connection to the mods and rockers cultural movement. The events of that weekend shaped a generation’s attitude to youth, bringing a spotlight on their lives more than ever before. Friends of Margate Museum are hosting their first exhibition organised entirely by the volunteers and the good will of the community.

Open September 9th-11th, 14th, 17th-18th.


Free Admission.

Market Place, Margate Old Town.


2 thoughts on “Exhibition!!!

  1. Antoinette Gilbert says:

    My Mum is having her foot operated on on Tuesday but really wants to come and see this. How accessible is the museum please?

    • Hi there, the downstairs is very accessible however to get into the main exhibition there is a flight of stairs of about 15 steps! I am sorry to not be of more help, its a very old building and it hasnt yet been modernised.
      I hope she might be able to make it down. Good luck with the op!

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