Well Done!

Now the real heroes of this exhibition isn’t the Mods or the Rockers (they come a close second) but its all the brilliant volunteers that worked day and night in the weeks up until the opening to get everything ready! So to John, the two Lindas, Jim, Peter, Mick, Janet and John, Christine, Bill, Chris, Sue, Elaine who worked so hard and did an absolutely fabulous job. Not to mention all the Friends of Margate Museum committee and all the volunteers who have been staffing the exhibition since its been open!

 We also had lots of help from local organisations, such as Christine from Thanet on Film who interviewed and filmed the mods and rockers, Greg Ovenden who recorded the sound, Mick Nicholls for lending us his fantastic photographs and Triumph, Thanet Area Scooter Service for the excellent scooter, Matt Homer for the Wild One’s exhibition, the Ace Cafe for some fantastic advice Coventry Transport Museum for some brilliant research and Madam Popoffs gave us some fantastic outfits and not forgetting Nick Dermott!

Really it was a massive group effort and thanks again to all involved.


One thought on “Well Done!

  1. chairman says:

    Due to phenominal following of Talking about my generation, and by very popular request, the show will go on until Sunday 13th November 2011. You will also get a chance to see the exhibirtion for one extra day as we will be open Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th, but it will end then so don’t miss this opportunity to see it for the final time, then you will have to wait for only a short while before the next exhibition starts, more soon about that. All the hard work by the whole team has been fantastic and they are all now gearing up for the Christmas Special unveiled on 9th December 2011.

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