Jurassic Mods Steve and FOMM volunteers

Friends of Margate Museum is a volunteer organisation. We passionately believe that Margate Museum with its unique collections should be open for residents and visitors to enjoy. The Friends work with the Thanet District Council, who owns the museum and its collections, to enable this to happen. Our volunteers’ committement to staffing the museum ensures that it is open on a regular basis; without us it would not happen.

The purpose of the Friends of the Margate Museum is to:
1) Preserve the history of Margate
2) Facilitate the engagement of residents and visitors with the collections
3) Increase the knowledge of the local and wider community about the history of Margate.

We are a friendly group with a diverse range of experiences and knowledge. We are united by our love of Margate, a willingness to learn and share this passion with others.


All members receive the newsletter, priority booking for events with discounted ticket price and invites to the Friends quarterly meetings and social gatherings.

Become a volunteer member
A volunteer has to make the committment to volunteer for at least 30 hours a year. All new volunteers receive induction training and are mentored by more experienced volunteers until they feel confident. You do not need a knowledge of Margate history just a willingness to learn new things.

Become a Friend
For £5 a year you can become a Friend, with all the benefits but without the volunteering.

How to join us
If you would like to become part of the Friends of Margate Museum contact us at:

email: friendsofmargatemuseum@gmail.com


write to: Friends of Margate Museum, Margate Museum, Market Place, Margate Old Town, Margate CT9 1ER

or alternatively pop in and have a chat with us at the museum.


From a volunteer who had to leave us:

‘Hello Friends,

Only one single week has passed since I stopped being an active Friend of the Margate Museums and I am already missing my Tuesday morning work with the Audit Team and the camaraderie of its members. We have had a wonderful year.

I found an immense pleasure delving into Margate and the Isle of Thanet’s past while describing and measuring the objects I was given to catalogue. I could touch the objects, admire them, smell them, and even give then a gentle clean so they would regain some of the lustre they had lost from being wrapped away for so long.

The rest of the Team were always at hand to provide the information I needed if I was missing a piece of the puzzle, and with their help, I got better acquainted with the Thanet area and was better able to visualise many of the objects I handled, in their historical context.

I shall always have fond memories of my last day at the Museum for I was offered not only two farewell cards from the Executive, Trustees and Friends and the Audit Team respectively, but also I was handed a copy of Anthony Lee and Janet and John Robinson’s  book, titled “Margate Through Time”; a treasure for me.

I have promised myself that I shall follow into Francis Coghlan’s footsteps and walk the streets of old Margate, book in hand, and discover that which I have missed so far, before I leave Margate on June the 18th.

Thank you all for the good times I have had at the Tudor House and the Old Town Gaol and thank you for so generously sharing your town with me.

Know that you will always have a friend in the west of Canada and should you ever visit Calgary or Edmonton, the rest of Alberta or the East of the Rockies, it will be a pleasure for me to be your private guide there.

With my very best wishes for the future of the Margate Museums, I remain,

Your friend,



4 thoughts on “Volunteers

  1. Michael Hohensee says:

    I’m currently writing a memoir and of the few wartime photos I’ve gathered together is one of myself at six months old (or thereabouts), so it would be early 1939ish, eating an ice cream cone on the beach at Margate. I know this because the imprint on the reverse is Sumbeam Photo, of Sweyn Road, I was pleasantly amazed that I could find info regarding the photo’s background (thanks to Google, of course). My family were on holiday from London and dare I say it’s quite a cute shot and relevant to my story for I was called-up for service by the War Office at this time. As I state, the clerk must have got his fiiles in a twist because they’d sent me my first day’s pay even before my father was called up shortly after. To get to the point, is a copy of this photo of any use to you guys? I will not fall into a heap, if you say thanks, but no thanks … “We already have 5,000 of these, all with accompanying sand, deckchair and ice cream cone!!!”
    Thanks Michael Hohensee.

  2. Michael Hohensee says:

    I emailed my photo a few months ago … talk to Ian. He said it may appear in your summer promotional material.
    Regards Michael Hohensee

  3. Michael Hohensee says:

    I emailed my photo a few months ago … talk to Ian. He said it may appear in your summer promotional material.
    Regards Michael Hohensee

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