Day Trip to Margate

A Day Tip to Margate (Summer 2013) CLOSED

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Summer 2013

Associated Talks
17 September: Greetings from Margate by John Robinson starts at 2pm (see events page)


“Great exhibitions and staff” – 31 Jul 2013 Tripadvisor

Forwarded from Visitor Information
Today my family and I have visited Margate for the first time in about 20 years. Staying in Whitstable for the week, we fancied a change and decided to give Margate a chance, having heard about the regeneration taking place there in the last 2 years. We really only visited the pier, the old town and the beach. I was pleasantly surprised by the old town and was interested in the fact that the once renowned Dreamland is to be re-opened as a vintage theme park. However, the highlight of the trip by far, was a visit to the Margate Museum. We stumbled on it purely by chance, looking for a toilet. Since it looked quite interesting, later in the day we went back and myself and my daughter were taken around by a French sounding man (unfortunately I didn’t catch his name), who lived in Margate himself. He was so interesting and very passionate with regard to the history of the town. He was extremely knowledgable and I learnt more in my hour visit to that little museum, than ever I had in any other museum in London. I want to congratulate all the staff I met today at the museum, firstly Barry, without whose kindness, we wouldn’t have visited the museum in the first place and then the lovely French sounding man who took us around, imparting such interesting facts to us. £1.50 very well spent, keep up the good work and so nice to see Margate, the original seaside town, starting to come back to its former glory.

Jane M. Maidstone 7 August 2013

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