Mods, Rockers and Margate: Talking About My Generation




In September 2011 we were just getting ready to launch our first exhibition by the Friends of Margate Museum, Mods Rockers and Margate: Talking about my generation. Our exhibition focussed on the infamous Whitsun weekend in 1964 and with the exhibition we aimed to tell the story of those few days. The events of that weekend shaped a generations attitude to youth bringing a spotlight on the lives of teenagers. Initially on show for 5 days the popularity of the exhibition lead us to keep the show on until late November. The visitor figures far exceeded our expectations and we had 800 visitors in the opening weekend and a total of 2400 in the first month! We had excellent press coverage during the exhibition with articles in the local newspapers and a fantastic report on BBC South East today which can still be viewed on their website.

Mods, Rockers and Margate: Talking about my Generation really demonstrated how well Friends of Margate Museum can work as a team and what we can accomplish with hard work and initiative. The events team did a fantastic job and displayed a diverse range of skills and abilities. We had lots of help from businesses and members of the community in Margate who gave us all sorts from scooters to photographs and even their valuable time.

Open September 9th-11th November 2011


Free Admission.

Market Place, Margate Old Town.


3 thoughts on “Mods, Rockers and Margate: Talking About My Generation

  1. Colin says:

    As a local mod at the time (Lambretta- not Vespa- these were sub tribes) my recolection is quite clear- the newspaper photographers went round handing out 10 shilling notes to get us to run across the beach as a group so they could get their photos.
    Typical media action even today- must get the story at any cost.

  2. click here says:

    The design for the website is a tad off in Epiphany. Even So I like your site. I may need to use a normal browser just to enjoy it.

    • jacksonassoc says:

      Sorry for that, we do hope that you are willing to use a standard browser and come abck again soon.

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